Download the Future of Engagement Report 2019

EE Report 2019


The Future of Employee Engagement Report 2019 uses the trends we've found from WeThrive survey results and industry experts to provide analysis on what 2019 holds for HR professionals striving for success, along with strategic advice on how to make it happen.

Profitability, retention, workplace happiness, motivation and productivity are heavily influenced by the level of employee engagement; the more engaged employees are, the more invested they are in the business they are working for.

The success of any business is reliant on employees, so it makes sense that employees are at the heart of any business plan. Our report offers businesses a starting point for that success. 

The report reveals key findings, presents predictions and outlines actionable strategies for businesses to implement and considers the importance of diversity amongst teams.

Contents of the report include:

  • The role of Employee Experience
  • Diversity and its impact on workplace culture
  • Averages and the case for the non-anonymous survey
  • Mental health & wellbeing
  • The crucial role of line managers
  • AI and robotics – the future?